Eurocontrol offers its clients integrated solutions in the fields of regulatory inspection, measurement and trials, technical assistance, audit, engineering and technical studies, occupational safety and health, consultancy and training.

More than 40 years guarantee our experience in the control and the assurance of the quality of all types of industrial materials, equipment, components, services, installations and plants. Since the company came into being in 1973, we have grown, along with our clients, enlarging and adapting our service portfolio in line with the development of their needs and responding in personalised form to any category of client, irrespective of their size or where they are.

Eurocontrol’s major asset is the team, current made up of more than 850 people. A balance between versatility in related areas and the necessary degree of specialisation among our payroll makes it possible to offer our clients with the best service in our various representative offices. We have qualified technicians in the right disciplines to ensure the quality of the control and consultancy services developed by Eurocontrol.


Eurocontrol SA offers quality control services. The Company provides quality managements, inspection and environmental managements, industrial inspections, yachts inspections, smart buildings quality control, regulatory inspections, and other related services. Eurocontrol serves customers in Spain.



 Work with us
Job offer as a Drafting Architecture in internships at EUROCONTROL, Madrid Delineating architecture in practices
- Interpretation and representation in plans.
- Development of constructive details.
- Development of architectural plans.
* Degree: Senior Technician in Building Projects, construction branch.
* Knowledge of Autocad and Microsoft Office.
* Capacity for teamwork. Proactive and decisive person.
* People with disabilities will be valued.
Is offered
* Workplace: Madrid
* Hours: Full day.
* Remuneration: Salary not specified.
* Availability: Immediate.


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